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Help & Info about Zuma's Revenge! for windows

  • What are the differences between Zuma's Revenge and Zuma?

    The basic gameplay elements found in this sequel and its 2004 predecessor are very simple: you shoot bubbles to create matches and clear levels. This game adds more levels, improved graphics and challenging boss battles to vary the traditional formula.
  • What platforms is Zuma's Revenge available on?

    This bubble-popping puzzle game is available on a wide range of different platforms. It was originally released for Windows and Mac OSX. Later releases included versions for iOS, Windows Phone, the Nintendo DS, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.
  • What are the differences between versions of Zuma's Revenge?

    Most versions of the game have slight differences in graphics or controls but share the same main features. One exception is the Nintendo DS version, which adds features such as daily challenges, achievements and a two-player competitive mode.
  • Is Zuma's Revenge available for download?

    There are several ways to download this game. It's available in mobile app stores for mobile users. PC users can either download a free trial version or the fully-featured retail version. Console users can find the game on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network or DSiWare. There's also a web-based version of the game.
  • Is Zuma's Revenge safe to download?

    Both the free trial version and the complete version of this game are safe to download when downloaded through trusted sites.
  • What is MuMu Mode in Zuma's Revenge?

    Mumu Mode is an Easter egg found in some versions of this game. When playing the PC version of the game, simply type "mumu" (without quotation marks) and the "Justified and Ancient" achievement will appear, celebrating that you have unlocked MuMu mode. In terms of gameplay, however, there isn't really a difference: this is just a hidden achievement intended for completists.
  • What is a Gap Shot in Zuma's Revenge?

    The game's scoring system awards extra points for a "gap shot," but doesn't clearly explain exactly what one is. This bonus is awarded when the player shoots a ball through a gap in the front row and makes a match in the second row. Because matches automatically close gaps in the row, this type of shot is rare and therefore rewarded.
  • What does the flickering ball mean in Zuma's Revenge?

    A flickering ball is a signal that the next shot will be a Bonus Ball. This warning can be easy to miss, but it's vital to helping the player choose the best possible target.
  • Is Zuma's Revenge free?

    Although there are free versions of this game available for play on the web, the game itself is sold online through mobile app stores, PC download sites and console networks. A free demo contains a partial version of the game.
  • How often is Zuma's Revenge updated?

    Like most older games, this one doesn't receive updates. Although some changes occur whenever this game is released on a new platform, the game itself is complete. No new updates are likely.


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