Zuma's Revenge!

Zuma's Revenge! Demo

Another crazily addictive PopCap puzzle game!


  • Great gameplay
  • Bold, cheerful graphics
  • Excellent sound


  • None, although the 60 minute demo is not enough!

Very good

Zuma's Revenge is the addictive sequel to Zuma, the bubble bursting puzzler where you control a lost frog which has found itself up against angry island god Zuma.

The story is just decoration for the sometimes frantic puzzle action the makes up Zuma's Revenge. However, the humorous and irreverent text and dialogue really help make this a charming experience.

You control a frog at the center of the screen, firing colored balls at a chain of balls creeps along a path towards a statue's mouth. Your task is to stop them arriving. Balls are removed by the usual method of creating a chain of three or more of the same color. There are various power ups to keep things interesting, and lots of different path designs.

Every few levels there's a boss fight, which maintains the basic game mechanic, but adds another target to fire balls at while clearing the the endless stream of balls.

If you've never played a Zuma game, Zuma's Revenge will be great. The gameplay is simple but incredibly compelling. For people who've played it before, the graphics are fresher, and there are some nice tweaks in the gameplay to keep it interesting.

Addictive, attractive and humorous - unless you hate puzzle games, you'll find you can't stop playing Zuma's Revenge.

Zuma's Revenge!


Zuma's Revenge! Demo

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